It takes genuine talent to be a model and it isn’t all about looking good!  Models, while they are employed at events to offer a real sense of glamour and style to proceedings, are extremely versatile in an event environment as they can be employed to add to the experience in a number of different ways.

 Only the best models are scouted for the most high profile events and while they can provide entertainment for guests they also help demonstrate and present products as well as help provide a stylish and welcoming atmosphere to any party or seminar. While Aces hostess and event staff will run the event itself behind the scenes and help clients feel comfortable and catered for,Aces both male and female models can help escalate the VIP experience even further.

If you are looking to host a high-end business event or product launch and require models to help present the line, the very best can be located for you and given little in the way of encouragement to create a truly decadent atmosphere. Aces Models are great at ‘going with the flow’ and turning their hand to any type of presentation, and are genuinely natural at adding style to any party or gathering Both male and female models are particularly recommended if you are showcasing clothing, jewellery, accessories or even practical home ware or vehicle solutions – with very little in the way of training needed to be offered, hiring a model to demonstrate your product or liven up your event will leave a lasting positive impression on clients and company acquaintances alike.